AUSBLOX Pty. Ltd is a privately owned manufacturer of expanded polystyrene foams blocks and custom cut foam products.

Our Head Office and our manufacturing operations are in Sydney.
We specialise in producing a range of EPS foams blocks We also have modern profile cutting machinery to produce a wide range of products in the packaging, building, construction, insulation, movie and stage sets, marine, etc.

AUSBLOX have provided our customers excellent service and support and have extensive experience in  producing products to their requirements. AUSBLOX has always provided cost effective solutions for our customers, and has demonstrated the ability to understand and fulfill their needs.

AUSBLOX is committed to the environment. All polystyrene scrap created during production and cutting is recycled at our plant and used in environmentally responsible ways. No ozone depleting agents or global warming agents are used in producing our products.

EPS Blocks
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