Void filling
Polystyrene is a cost effective way to fill voids in landscaping and general construction. All AUSBLOX polystyrene is manufactured to Australian Standards. This allows designers to use the density and strength of polystyrene to know how the product will perform under design loads.

Void forming
Polystyrene can be easily cut into most two dimensional shapes and also some three dimensional shapes. AUSBLOX has undertaken many projects in the residential, industrial and commercial fields. See an example in the gallery shown.

Both Polystyrene and Isoboard are used widely in the construction industry as the base for render systems. Due to the high insulation value, light weight nature and durability of polystyrene this type of system is extremely popular in the home renovation market and new home market.

Profiles manufactured using polystyrene are also a very popular and cost effective way of providing an architecturally ornate finish. AUSBLOX can cut window sills, corbells and quoins, as well as a wide variety of other shapes

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