CUPOLEX® is the environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to RibRaft, Waffle Pod and other Polystyrene concrete foundations.
CUPOLEX® is a patented structural dome concrete slab system made from recycled non-toxic Polypropylene. Each dome easily inter-connects to create a self supporting structure acting as permanent form work, as an alternative to RibRaft polystyrene and/or hard fill in your concrete slab. Not only does CUPOLEX® provide an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp with no capillary action possible, but it also is cost effective.
The CUPOLEX® concrete slab system can also provide significant reductions in the volume of concrete, reinforcing steel and labour required to put the system down.
Go Green and save money. “CUPOLEX® ticks all the boxes”.

Arrives on site packaged and ready to be installed
Quick and simple to install with basic hand tools
Can be easily adapted to site variations
Minimizes concrete wastage
Made out of 100% non-toxic recyclable material which can contributes to GREEN or LEED certified building
One pallet of CUPOLEX® replaces 3-4 trucks of gravel or fill
Minimizes construction traffic damage
Unlike Polystyrene/Waffle Pods which have a significant glare factor, Cupolex component are black and glare free.
Anecdotally the glare from polystyrene pods contributes to Installer discomfort on site and some serious health concerns as a possible result.
Thermal analysis shows that the Cupolex system concrete slab foundation system when used with Brick Veneer construction can achieve a R value of between R=2.12 and R=2.57 depending on the floor area /perimeter ratio.
Cupolex presentation from Glenvill Homes
“Best environmental product” Civenex Sydney 2011
Selected as the “Green” flooring system for the “American Home” at the 2010 International Builders Show in Las Vegas
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