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Foil EPS Board Insulation - Superior Technology to Keep You Cool in Summer

Foil insulation, sometimes known as reflective barrier insulation, is made from several layers of metallic foil (normally
aluminium and plastic substrate).

It works by reflecting heat rather than resisting it, as many other common forms of insulation do.

Foil EPS board is generally applied to the roof as a means of reflecting the sun's radiant heat so it doesn't enter your
home or commercial space.
Our clients find that foil insulation significantly lowers cooling and air conditioning costs in summer.
However what you might not realise is that foil insulation also keeps heat in during winter by preventing heat loss
escaping into the atmosphere.

How Effective is Foil EPS Board Insulation?

Studies have found that, when installed correctly, Ffoil EPS Bboard insulation reflects 97% of the sun's warmth away
from your living space.

Foil EPS board has also been found to provide a vapor barrier which eliminates condensation in the walls and ceiling.

How Safe is Foil Insulation?

Foil EPS board is safe for asthmatics and is approved by the Australian Asthma Society.
Foil EPS board also meets the fire safety requirements of the Australian Building Code.

What are other uses of Foil Insulation?

Foil insulation is also commonly used as under floor insulation to prevent rising dampness.
It acts as a complete moisture barrier, and is unaffected even by humidity levels, giving a consistent thermal
performance over time as it does not compact or disintegrate, like other insulation materials on the market.

Don't be fooled by misleading myths!

Foil EPS board may not be the most traditional choice for insulation, but it is useful to consider the many benefits it
offers over traditional fibreglass insulation material:
Recyclable and re-usable
Provides greater healing and cooling benefit especially when placed as close to heat source as possible
Doesn't absorb moisture
Can be sealed tightly to reduce drafts
Easier to install - can be stapled, glued, nailed or even sewn into place

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