Home and building
Polystyrene is a very popular insulation material in residential construction. It can be used as both floor and wall insulation as well as cladding. It also is very popular in underslab heating systems. AUSBLOX can also provide a foil faced board to give greater thermal properties to the insulation.

Truck bodies
Polystyrene is commonly used in the insulation of truck bodies for refrigerated trucks.The very high thermal properties in conjunction with the mechanical strength of the products make either an excellent choice in this application.

Pipe lagging
AUSBLOX can cut and supply sectional pipe insulation (SPI) with a custom diameter and wall thickness to suit your needs. Depending on the insulation properties required, and the service temperature of the pipe, our sales staff can help you to determine the type of material required to insulate your pipe effectively. AUSBLOX can also provide a foil faced product to enhance the thermal rating of SPI.

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