What is ISOBOARD ® (Extruded Polystyrene Sheet)

ISOBOARD® thermal insulation is a rigid, relatively high density, extruded polystyrene insulation board. It has a 100% closed cell structure and is produced in a fully automated continuous extrusion process in accordance with international specifications and standards.
It is manufactured using NON CFC / NON HCFC - Zero Rating Ozone Depleting Potential [ODP] Blowing Agent gases.

ISOBOARD® is supplied as sheets nominally 2500 mm in length x 600 mm wide in a range of set thicknesses. It is available as ‘square’ edge sheets or with a ‘tongue and groove’ joint system.
The Thermal Resistance - R factor for 100 mm thickness ISOBOARD® ND Grade product is 3.33 m² K/W [based on an aged k factor of 0.030 W/m.K].

provides significant thermal insulation benefits in commercial, industrial and domestic construction applications
cost effective due the combination of very good Thermal Insulation properties and low installed cost of product
sheets are light weight, easy to handle and install on site - 50 mm thickness sheet weighs approx. 2.5 kgs
excellent Heat Ageing Resistance and resistance to bacteria and micro-organism growth
good resistance to Water Vapour Diffusion and Water Absorption under recommended application conditions
Inverted roof systems
Cavity wall insulation
Over purlin insulation
Below slab / soffit
Under batten (over truss)
Under floor
Side cladding
Product Benefits
        ISO 9001
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Over purlin insulation
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