In 2006/2007 we licensed the technology for a "third generation" foam blowing agent - ecomate - from FOAM SUPPLIES,INC. Our polyurethane foam products meet the environmental requirements of the Montreal and Kyoto protocols - Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and non Global Warming Potential
AU&S supplies a variety of polyurethane foam ranging from 35kg/m3 to 200kg/m3 in density. All AU&S polyurethane foams also contain a special flame retardant additive.

Polyurethane (PUR)
Low thermal conductivity (k) value
Can operate at medium-high service temperatures
Good compressive strength
Resistant to chemicals and solvents
Resistant to rot
Provides no nutrition for pests
Flame retardant additive
Buoyancy properties
Carving for fiberglass moulds
Marine buoyancy
Insulation where load bearing is required (coolroom floors)
Where compressive strength not achievable by styrene is required
Substitute for wood that will not warp or rot
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Australian Urethane & Styrene